Monastery of Chozoviotissa

The monastery of Chozoviotissa is the most important religious monument of Amorgos and one of the most important of Greece. It is located on the south side of the island, built literally in the rocks, at an altitude of 300m and is only visible from the sea. Particularly impressive, it provokes awe, admiration and wonder about how they managed to build it on - even today - a rough and sloppy area.

The monastery was founded in the beginning of the 10th century and was renovated by the emperor of Byzantium Alexios I Komnenos in 1088. The name Chozoniotissa comes from the icon of the Virgin Mary that is kept inside the monastery, which is said to have arrived in a miraculous way on the island, from Hozov or Hozova of Palestine.

The monastery is a building of unique architecture, with monks' cells, galleries, warehouses, wine presses, cisterns, carved in the rock. The labyrinthical interior of the monastery is divided by narrow arches, and there are rock-cut steps leading to the monastery's floors. It is a unique creation of human will, against physical elements.
Within the monastery, invaluable religious treasures are kept. Byzantine icons, sacristy, manuscripts, gospels, etc. The monastery is celebrated on November 21 and a feast is held. Food and sweet Amorgian “Pasteli” are offered to all guests.